Paula recently delivered a two-hour workshop to 24 of our most vulnerable 12-13-year-olds on healthy relationships. These children were handpicked by pastoral staff at the school having been identified as those students who have already been affected by an unhealthy relationship, or most at risk of getting in to one. The workshop was engaging, enjoyable and interactive and its wide range of activities meant that the learning was accessible for every type of learner in the room. Paula is an absolute natural with young people and made it really easy for them to relate both to her, and to the content. Paula was extremely warm and approachable which made the students feel at ease when tackling a really difficult subject. She also had them laughing and smiling with her brilliant sense of humour which kept them engaged, and really helped to bring the material to life. The resources were interactive and current which meant that the students found them relatable and therefore accessible. Behaviour in the group was sometimes challenging due to the backgrounds the students came from but Paula was able to manage this quickly and effectively with a feeling of calm. Several students came to see me later in the day and told me that the activities had really made them think about the friendships and relationships they currently have and whether they were particularly good ones. They also reported that it made them question themselves and their own actions and what effect these can have on other people. One student had experienced grooming and sexual assault from a family friend in the past and she said told me that she was initially ‘dreading’ the session, but came to me afterwards and told me that the session had actually helped her to understand what had happened and that it wasn’t her fault. I cannot recommend Paula and the session she delivered enough and I think they should be rolled out across all schools in Norfolk. Thank you so much Paula.

High School Teacher

I’ve been ‘lucky’ enough to have received a lot of high quality Domestic Abuse training in my last job as an Army Welfare Worker. The full training I attended is right up there at the top of my list. Paula is a great presenter, passionate, knowledgeable and experienced. Through the use of real life stories she keeps the audience engaged at all times. Considering the course was two long days of training, her energy and enthusiasm never faltered.

Mental Health Specialist

I really enjoyed the course, and I found everything really interesting and helpful to my academic study. It has given me a real confidence boost in talking to not only patients, but all people about domestic abuse.

Medical Student

Thank you ever so much for taking time to do the training course with us. I just wanted to email to say a personal thank you. It has been so useful and I feel confident to speak to anyone who I feel may be a victim of domestic abuse and I know how to refer them now too which is excellent! 

Student Paramedic

Thank you for all your amazing knowledge I feel more confident and prepared to help individuals in practise.

Social Worker

Thank you ever so much, you are an inspiration to me in my career in the NHS!

NHS Nurse

Thank you so much for our 2 days of training, it was not only eye opening but also so useful moving forward in practice and has made me feel more comfortable approaching patients about domestic abuse. 


Just wanted to say I love your style of teaching and learnt so much from the few sessions you have taught us. You’re doing such an inspiring job and I will continue to keep a wide eye on domestic abuse and continue to further my knowledge or signs and type of DA. It was something I never really thought about in the past, but I find it incredibly interesting and moving and I hope to make a change in the future like you.

Student Mental Health Nurse

I just wanted to say what a brilliant job you are doing and how incredible the work is, it was very eye opening and I now feel confident/ competent in my ability to raise concerns when appropriate. I know from speaking to others and my own personal view that the course was well presented and informative. I will be passing on the message to others within my nursing cohort about the importance of completing your course in domestic abuse. Thank you for this opportunity and keep up the good work.

A&E Nurse

Paula’s delivery of the domestic abuse champion training was impassioned, and clearly very knowledgeable. She was engaging and helped to normalise talking about the often taboo subject of domestic abuse. The mixture of teaching methods and materials; video, question and answer, written, mini practice sessions on how to talk about DA, etc were all helpful. All these tools made meeting this issue in practice (and life) seem more doable. I am very grateful to have received this training.

Pastoral Care Officer

The way Paula delivered my training was really clear and engaging. I found the use of real case examples and experience interesting as well as shocking, proving just how important domestic abuse awareness and training is. 

Princes Trust Key Worker

It helped me overcome my own barriers which may have hindered me in providing support to others.

Family Practitioner

I found Paula’s style of delivery was actually much better than most lecturers I’ve had. I was interested in everything she said, she was clearly very enthusiastic about the topic and had so much knowledge about stories and survivors. I feel like Paula addressed the topic in a very sensitive but firm way, because you can’t really beat around the bush, you have to be direct, and I feel like she did a really good job of that.

Student Teacher

I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of what I would walk away from the course with, but I’m shocked at how much I learnt from only 2 days. Overall, I think the training was really well designed and well thought out. The delivery was excellent, and Paula could answer every question in the room. 

Mental Health Practitioner

I found the training really inspiring and it’s made me so much more eager to specialise in this field of abuse when I graduate. I really loved the way the presentations were delivered over the two days and the enthusiasm and passion along with it. So thank you again, it really was one of the best, most eye opening training courses I’ve done.

Student Midwife

Just wanted to say thank you ever so much, I found the sessions extremely useful and as a trainer you were super empowering

Housing Officer

I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to share with us your knowledge and wisdom. Thank you for raising the awareness and making a heavy topic so interesting. 

Trainee Social Worker

Thoroughly brilliant two days of training! It surpassed my expectations and I feel I have learnt so much and increased my confidence to address issues surrounding domestic abuse and support people where I am able. It has really motivated me to embrace tackling DA and I am excited about making some improvements to increase awareness and start some conversations about this subject which is all too often avoided.


Thanks for such an amazing course – I really enjoyed it! You were amazing in every way, from the content, to how you delivered it, to your personality. What you do is inspirational and I really take my hat off to you. I feel more confident in addressing DA as part of my role and feel I am able to approach this situation now when it comes around.


Paula recently delivered a domestic abuse awareness session to our staff within a professional sporting environment. This event provided new learning to many of those present and was designed to further develop our organisational safeguarding culture. The content and delivery ensured that staff remained engaged throughout and the feedback from attendees was extremely positive. Paula’s knowledge, experience and communication skills have empowered staff to be curious and supportive with colleagues who may be affected by such issues. Any organisation seeking to do similar should not hesitate to commission Paula. 

Head Of Safeguarding

Norwich City Football Club